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Research and Development (R&D) Capability

The ultimate goal of the formation of the three companies is to promote the development of science and technology, and also to focus on encouraging innovativeness, creating competitive edges, and further reducing R&D costs through professional intellectual property (IP) management including strengthening IP rights. The key to industrial transformation lies in the R&D capabilities of enterprises. What makes the company unique is that we automate R&D by integrating the existing R&D technology platforms into one. This new design process improves great efficiency like none before. We cultivate professionals and talents in the science and technology fields and strive to provide the latest automation technology to enterprises.


Our team is composed of an independent R&D team and more than 30 on-the-job engineers; From software to hardware, our development team provides a convenient one-stop solution. Other than that our products have undergone strict verification and long-term testing, we utilize our self-built, domestic factory to ensures each step in the process is of quality and standard.After production, the professional technical team in Hong Kong provides after-sales service, ensuring that all selected parts and materials meet international quality requirements and achieve low energy consumption. In recent years, our company’s new product lines have helped out countless social groups such as colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, artificial intelligence, and personal private space; they have matured and become increasingly capable in R&D.

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