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SWS Limited

With a solid foundation in Hong Kong, SWS Limited is committed to providing our clients with tailor-made, intelligent solutions. We are in the pursuit of time-saving, cost-saving, computerization and data analytics products that help our clients achieve high levels of “Research and development” maturity. Our company’s strength in developing smart and user-friendly RFID technology enhances operating efficiency and user experience.

With the rising concern on the Creating Shared Value (CSV) and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) in the business sectors, our automated RFID uniform dispensing unit and technology solution primarily aim for sustainability and long-term successful outcome for customers.


Our business consultants at SWS Limited focus and research on clients’ most critical issues and propose tailor-made technological solutions that are customized to each and every unique operation.


Operating Philosophy

Whether it is software development, data management and application, automation technology development and application, steel tool design and manufacturing, or medical and commercial clothes cleaning, all of the said areas are SWS Limited expertise due to the extensive experience from a couple of decades.
Our mission is “Solving Laundry-related Troubles for Clients”, which means developing technology that focuses on customers' problems in managing clothing items; from purchasing materials, clothing storage, clothing collection and delivery, and textile recycling, to user-friendly applications, laundry knowledge workshops and many more. SWS is exceptional in smart clothing dispensary cabinets; we are the first in the market to earn a patent for the user-friendly, tailoring clothing dispensing cabinet. These cabinets are connected to innovative software that modifies according to the needs of users in order to quickly solve problems and meet expectations.

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