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Working With the Best

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陽光洗衣logo 退地.png

Sunshine Laundry Factory Co., Ltd.

Sunshine Laundry Factory Co., Ltd. is a member of Sunshine Laundry Group, which mainly provides laundry services for medical, industrial and commercial institutions. Sunshine Laundry Factory Co., Ltd. is the provider for the Hong Kong Hospital Authorization and private medical institutions, making them familiar with the medical washing process and requirements. As for SWS Limited, Sunshine Laundry mainly provides quilt process management and design services for them.


App Success Limited

AppSuccess Limited is a member of the Sunshine Laundry Group. Its main business goal is to provide customers with software and hardware equipment for the management of textiles, including radio frequency (RFID) equipment and related software. Using such technologies in linen and uniform management can immensely improve management efficiency. AppSuccess Limited mainly provides wireless radio frequency equipment and linen service management software system for SWS Limited.


Webber & Nickel (Int’l) Co., Ltd

Webber was established in 1965, focusing on the design, manufacture, sales and installation of commercial furniture.  In addition to general industrial and commercial organizations, Webber is also a furniture supplier for the Hong Kong Hospital Authorization. Other than business in furniture, Webber has also been committed to the research and development of disinfection products in recent years. The goal is to combine disinfection products with its furniture products, so that furniture users can be further guaranteed in terms of hygiene protection. Webber’s contribution to SWS Limited is to design and produce smart collecting-and-dispensing clothing cabinets.


Superior Autonomation Ltd

Superior was founded by a group of mechanical and electronic engineers dedicated to research and development to improve production automation. Its research and development base is located in the Hong Kong Science Park.  Superior mainly provides solutions for Hong Kong industrial and commercial establishments in terms of productivity enhancement and automation.  Its local professional team focuses on formulating one-stop solutions, including the design, manufacture and after-sales service of automation equipment, all solutions are formulated according to customer needs.  Its main customers are the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Gas, Blu-ray Group and other institutions and enterprises.  Superior mainly provides design and production automation components for SWS products, such as automatic switches and manipulators.

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