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RFID uniform dispensing unit

RFID uniform dispensing unit
The automated RFID (Radio-frequency identification System) uniform dispensing unit is an advanced innovative application, that provides a comprehensive and superior solution for dispensing, retrieval, and management of all kinds of professional textiles. From medical uniforms, and hospital-grade towels, to patients’ garments and more.  The system is based on a unique distribution method with 2 robotic arms by RFID Technology.
Our system provides real-time information and detailed reports about inventory status and consumption. It effectively tracks usage and prevents losses through the designated distribution of items using RFID technology.
The effective and efficient distributive capacity of our system eliminates the need for personally allocated items under 24 hours x 7 days, saving and controlling the inventory costs.
RFID uniform linen management system will provide the specific records:
• Number of soiled linen
• Number of cleaned linen
• Number of different types of linen
• Counts of the linen wash cycle 
• Prompt nearing end-of-life date (?)
• Total number of stock
• Previous use date, use duration, item history, and user's preferences.

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