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1) Where are SWS products produced?
SWS products are developed and designed by local professionals according to market needs and manufactured by qualified manufacturers in the Greater Bay Area in strict accordance with design and quality requirements.

2) How does SWS arrange after-sales service?
The Hong Kong professional team of SWS is responsible for providing comprehensive maintenance services for the products to ensure smooth operation to our customers.

3) Is the performance of SWS products suitable for all customers?
SWS will manufacture products according to market needs, and provide customized goods according to the special requirements of individual customers.

4) Do SWS products meet safety and environmental protection requirements?
SWS products are safe to use, and the manufacturing process of the products is environmentally friendly, meeting national requirements.

5) Do I need to pay extra for updating the software for SWS products?
SWS will continuously optimise the software used in its products, and there will be no additional fees for said optimization. If the customer requires personalized updates, SWS will charge a reasonable fee according to the situation.

6) If I am interested in SWS products, how can I inquire? 
If you are interested in SWS products, please call +852-2337-1007 or send an email to The project manager of the company will contact the inquirer as soon as possible and provide solutions plus preliminary quotations.
7) Are there other companies that sell or represent SWS products?
SWS products are sold directly by SWS or by its partners. We do not have other platforms. 


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